Clarificat​ion of Club Points, early points and parent viewing times

We were grateful for a parent asking for clarification of our new points system tonight and other club rules (applicable for Ruthin Poppies/scarlets/primroses Friday &  RGC Tuesday + Denbigh Scarlets/primroses and DGC)  and it has prompted me to send this information out to all as it is great that parents and gymnasts are showing their commitment to this.
As a coaching team we have seen a dramatic turn around in the gymnasts pride to do well in this club champ point programme and many gymnasts are now demonstrating that they understand what the points are for.
  • To Clarify at registration there is a maximum of 9 points
1. 5 points are received as a minimum for attending a session (3 points for absence informed by text/email to head coach or in advance in session)
2. PLUS 1 POINT for hair tied back and fringe not in face etc.
3.PLUS 1 POINT no jewellery or covered as rules dictate
4.PLUS 1 POINT water and trainers (trainers are needed for warm up and when putting away equipment)
5.PLUS 1 POINT if gymnast arrives 15 min early to set up under supervision of coaches.
**a tenth point may be awarded in session for outstanding work in the session at the discretion of the coach**
To demonstrate the gymnasts understanding of the points system, we have now begun a transition stage of  ASKING THE GYMNAST AT REGISTRATION HOW MANY POINTS THEY HAVE CALCULATED THEY SHOULD BE AWARDED AND WE WILL CONFIRM. We have begun to transition to this stage now as the gymnasts are taking ownership of their achievement in this.
  • Clarification of early arrival

If you have arrived 15 minutes early for your child to receive their additional point please ensure that they come straight into the training hall and passed over to a coach as the registrar is busy setting up with ourselves and will not be at the desk. After set up these children are then taken for registration for their points.

  • Spectator viewing for parents
We realised very quickly at the new sept launch that for some session 15 mins was insufficient for parent viewing as generally the children were cooling down then packing away. We quickly extended the Friday, Saturday and Tuesday group to 30 minutes but some may be unaware of this. We will put the poster back up on the black board to reinforce our wishes for you to do this.
To conclude
We understand when swopping or moving up class parents need clarification to understand our expectations on their child and will welcome as many questions as you may have. We do our utmost to try to think through how to launch and implement the clubs new ideas for the children with a proactive approach and will always benefit from any feedback from parents to help benefit the gymnast as a member of the club.