Club Champ Point Launch 1st Feb 2014

To all coaches and leaders
Attached is information on our Club champ points to run for the next 20 weeks. Tonight it has gone to parents will appear on the website and the notice board.
Please read and discuss with me to understand your responsibility to promote and encourage this especially in the launch period.  The launch period needs to be approached by coaches to educate and encourage each child to adopt a new approach to their weekly routine to prepare before session and as a current member of the club will take some time for some children to adjust.
It is  not to be used with a disciplinary or negative approach, simply if the gymnasts do not come on board we will continue to encourage and it may need my involvement to get the parents to get on board and support their child to achieve these points as it will need them to work with the child. But that is not the coaches or leaders role to do that.
It is the coaches responsibility to promote why following such a code is for the benefit of the gymnasts and coaches with a positive approach.
Thanks to Bethan Williams (Academy year 1 leader) for producing it in a poster  format.
Any questions please ask me quickly.


Starting from the 1st of February     gymnasts can achieve Club Champ Points.

A maximum of 9 points and 1 bonus point can be achieved each session and the Champ points winners will receive recognition at the Club Champs Awards Presentation at the end of the summer term.

We are  striving for a proud presence as a gym club team and unity and all these champ points are to encourage a                positive attitude towards their club and inspire them to achieve, work hard and demonstrate that they are proud to present themselves as a Club Gymnast. This will proceed for 20 weeks leading up to club champs in June.

Here are the points scheme:

5= Each gymnast will receive 5 points for attending the session

Or 3 points will be received for authorised absence

Additional points can also be achieved if gymnast attends  points registration (which will end 12.35pm for DGC and 5.35pm RGC):

+1=Arrived 15 minutes early to help coaches set up for training

+1=Hair minimally clipped back to remove fringe from face and   scraped securely back, preferably in a bun style or French plait (some parents/gymnasts we understand may need guidance from us to achieve an           acceptable style which is comfortable for their child)

+1=Correct kit

+1=Jewellery removed without coach having to prompt