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Pricing information can be found on the ‘Class Timetable’ download, located on the right-hand side of this page.

All of our classes are mixed groups, welcoming boys & girls to any session. Boys training squads develop at Club Level 5.

From the class type you have selected above, a table will appear below. Please now select up to 3 day/location/time preferences.

As a club, we offer all our classes to boys and girls, but understand that sometimes boys would like to train with other boys. The new centre is allowing us to offer this pathway, if they wish. However, we wish to reinforce that all other options on this form are available to boys.

Parent/Guardian Details

Parent/Guardian Details
This helps us assess demand from different areas and facilitates after-school club gymnastics.

Child's Details

Child's Details

If you are filling in the form to attend adult classes, please use your details in the following section.

Please inform us of anything else you think the coaches may need to know, so that we can ensure your child has a good and positive experience in the sessions.

We suggest that new gymnasts wear T-shirt and leggings/shorts for their trial. No footwear is necessary. A warm top to wear before warm-up is useful. Club kit is an optional purchase once your child enrolls.
No skirts, dresses or jewelry please. New piercings (earrings) are allowed for a period of 6 weeks only and must be covered by micro-pore tape inline with BG guidelines.