Llangollen Satellite Club – Report to members following AGM held on 20th May 2017

Following a decision taken at the AGM held on Saturday 20th May 2017, we are writing to inform you we will not be able to offer classes in Llangollen from September 2017.
We understand this will come as very disappointing news and we have provided a full outline of this decision in a letter, which can be accessed by clicking here.
Should you wish to join classes taking place at our Ruthin or Denbigh venues, then please do let us know and we will be able to process this new information on your enquiry.
We thank you for your interest and support over the years at our Llangollen Satellite Club.
If you have any further questions, please do contact us and we will be happy to help.
Kindest Regards,
Tamsin Jones (Head Coach)

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We need your tokens in the TESCO BAGS for help boxes in store pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

YES we made it through to the final 3 to win 4K from TESCOS great community grant we hope to fund our landing area straight from the British Final in July after our nations superstars have competed.

Please ask for your tokens as they don’t always hand them to you at the cashier desks.

GOOD LUCK TO US and keep sending us your photos so we can see it growing in stores around the county.


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We have reached the Smarties £1000 target first target in 60 days and Saracens have matched fund which means….

this amazing fun piece of equipment arrived and lots of fun began in sessions. Thank you Saracen tyres and the gymnasts who have returned their smarties, you bought this for all our members to enjoy and enjoy they havexx Lots of photos and clips on our face book closed site as this is provides a gallery for our members.

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Great results and smiles all round, what a fantastic turn out at the Cheshire Micro Team Gym competition 2017

If you are interested to see the photos and clips of this event please become a member of our closed face book page by simply requesting to become a member.

Message from the Coaching Team

We are so proud to have new teams formed together competing for the first time and great results for them all. 66 Gymnasts from Ruthin and Denbigh Gymnastics Club entered in 19 teams trained by 9 coaches.

Together Everyone Achieved More

In our Clwyd House Gymnastics Academy we are looking forward to embracing team spirit by increasing the opportunity for gymnasts to “DO MORE” of what they love and for us to create gymnasts who aspire to learn and enjoy that journey together.

With only 12 weeks to go, we are looking forward to opening our

Clywd House Gymnastics Academy in Denbigh.

An Academy to bring teams together and  DO MORE.

Cheshire Team Gym Micro Competition 2017

Saturday 29th April 2017


1st Round 1.15pm

Level 5 Mini

1st – Team3 –  Connie Evans, Lia Edwards, Saran Jones (R&D)

2nd – Team1 –  Chase Atyeo, Amber Prescott, Chloe Davies (R&D)

3rd – Diamonds Halifax

4th – Team2 – Leah Whitehead-Hughes, Rebekah Osbourne, Charlie Roberts, Maci Jones (Denbigh)

Top Tumble scorers Trophy  – Team3 Connie Evans, Lia Edwards, Saran Jones


Level 5 Youth

1st – Team9 – Alice Wynne, Gracie Parker, Nansi Davies (R&D)

2nd – Team8 – Ela Jones, Beca Edwards, Gwenno Lightfoot, Faye Jones (Ruthin)

3rd – Team6 – Maisie Evans, Lila Stewart, Robyn Beck, Mari Roberts (Ruthin)

4th – Team36 – Maya James, Bea Blundy, Tesni Sinclair, Seren Roberts, Lucy King (Ruthin)

5th – Team7 –  Dundonald (Scotland)

Top Tumble Scorers Tumble Trophy – Team 1 Alice Wynne, Gracie Parker, Nansi Davies

Cheshire Team Gym Micro Competition 2017

Saturday 29th April 2017



2nd Round 3.15pm


Level 6 Disabilty Mixed Team

1st – Team18 – Mabli Davies (Ruthin)



Cheshire Team Gym Micro Competition 2017

Saturday 29th April 2017


3rd Round 5.15pm

Level 6 Mini

1st  – Team 25 – Molly Jones, Anya Dolan, Cara Jones (Ruthin)

2nd Team 23 – LS Gymnastics Crewe

3rd Team 22- Kathrin Hewett, Anna Roberts, Eva Evans (Ruthin)

4th Team 24 – Anya Evans, Nieve Brooks, Alisha Whitehead Hughes (Denbigh)

5th Team 38 – Hana Davies, Enfys Atyeo, Danielle Jones (Denbigh)


Top Tumble Scorers Tumble Trophy – Team 1 Molly Jones, Anya Dolan, Cara Jones

Top Trampet&Vault Scorers Trophy – Team 1 Molly Jones, Anya Dolan, Cara Jones


Level 6 Youth

1st – Team 27 – Hollie Lloyd, Alaw Ffloyd-Decke, Keira Jones, Bea Blundy

2nd – LS Gymnastics Club Crewe

Joint 3rd – Team 35 – Lilly Davies, Nia Hill, Seren Owen, Jessica Lewis (Ruthin)

Joint 3rd – Team 28 – Ella Devany, Heledd Pierce, Branwen Dafydd (Denbigh)


Top Tumble Scorers Tumble Trophy – Team 1 Hollie Lloyd, Alaw Floyd-Decke, Keira Jones, Bea Blundy

Top Trampet&Vault Scorers Trophy – Team 1 Hollie Lloyd, Alaw Floyd-Decke, Keira Jones, Bea Blundy

Cheshire Team Gym Micro Competition 2017

Saturday 29th April 2017


3rd Round 5.15pm

Level 5 Junior

1st – Team 30  – Madlen Cooper, Sasi Williams, Alice Evans, Megan Davies (Denbigh)

2nd Team 29 – Anna Fellows, Annabelle Blundy, Rebekah Clayton, Leah Jones (Ruthin)

3rd Team 31 – Chloe Anderson, Ellie Royles, Fffion Roberts, Celi Evans (Denbigh)

4th Team 21 – Eleri Rowlands, Neve Lloyd Williams, Cerys Edwards, Megan Wynstanley (Ruthin)

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New Team Gym times released today for 29th April competition to replace all previous handed out!

Due to unforeseen circumstances the team gym competing times have changed that were given to some gymnasts before Easter and some in the last few days by email. We have sent out the new times by email so please reply to us that you have had and everything ok. There are 65 of you now competing on saturday at either 1.15pm, 3.15pm or 5.15pm in the Sir William Stanier Leisure Centre in Crewe. Slips will go out from tomorrow again also. It does mean Denbigh can train as normal if you are competing later but pleae do still come to the extras arranged on Tuesday if you have been invited. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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Smarties update! Gymnasts fill more tubes and after 30 days have raised £840! when we reach £1000 gymnasts……

………. a local business has today announced they will match the gymnastic £1000 raised, with their equipment sponsorship of another £1000. This is fantastic news and we are tremendously grateful and such a great start to our fundraising challenge…this means we can purchase our first wish list item before we open the permanent. This first amazing piece of kit will  be announced when gymnasts reach their first £1000 target and will be brought into the gym classes in “Bring a friend” week starting 19th May 2017.
It is a special purchase as chosen importantly as it is transportable to all our different satellites so all members can start enjoying and taste a sample of what will be permanent equipment in our new facility​.

Great step in our fundraising challenge. Our “100 Business club” Smartie tube filling challenge is to launch after Easter so be ready community!!!!!



We announced on facebook last night that we were hoping to hit our £500 target last night and the response was fantastic with our £490 receiving another £80 of funds to add from our monday ruthin group. As promised we will tonight draw out the winner of the first raffle prize from those who have returned their tubes. Good luck and we will announce on face book tonight!!​ Keep them coming in for the next raffle draw.

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Denbighshire Gymnasts to get a fit for purpose centre its official!

Well it’s official we are confident enough to share with our community that we are to open an excellence centre for gymnastics . Fit for purpose and over 5500 square feet will accommodate gymnastics from our Ruthin, Denbigh and llangollen gymnastic clubs.

As it is our wish to speak with every parent this week we will be providing the centre location through the information in class on entrance to every class from tonight.

We will continue to maintain our Ruthin and Denbigh leisure centre classes and offer a feeder system into the gymnastics centre. A long project has finally met a dream of coaches and gymnasts . We just wanted the best for our Denbighshire children and they are going to get it.

We need to raise 7k by July and along with all the information we can offer we will be asking if every gymnast can donate a pound in exchange for a tube of smarties and then fill it with 20ps. We want a pit for the new club and gymnasts we hope are going to help us. Had such a wonderful response tonight and look forward to talking to every parent to ensure we can accommodate every members needs as our first priority.

Open 7 days a week, in addition to our mainstream artistic 4 piece gymnastics we will deliver team gym squad training to those who want to
“do more “.

Having a centre we will extend our disabilty programme and look to outreach to those who will benefit from such an amazing facility. Disabilty gymnastics , adult gym, coach education, fitness fur fun .

We are also going to benefit from a British and european level 5 coach who is to develop boys squads and mixed squads and progress our children up a competing pathway to British challenge cup level.

We are all over the moon it’s all come together and look forward to sharing it all with you.

Tamsin jones , Heather Clayton – Directors Ruthin and Denbigh Gymnastics club ltd

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Thank you Darren Millar AM, Mark Young Clr Denbigh, Huw Williams Clr Ruthin

Thank you Darren Millar AM , Clr Huw Williams and Clr Mark Young. It was great to see your genuine support for our plans for Denbighshire gymnasts and it’s great that a community can come together to do the best it can for the children, adults and disability gymnastics ? Getting excited now more news next Friday.

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Rotary Disability Competition: A Big Thank your Academy Students

Many thanks for the volunteers your Club and Leadership Academy provided to support the Rotary Disability Competition held at Ysgol Brynhyfryd on Wednesday 2nd March. Jen and Lauren were very professional and judged the gymnasts on vault.

They are a credit to their schools and also your Club.

Many thanks again for such good volunteers, look forward to working with you again in the future.

Kind regards
Ceri – Regional Development Officer Welsh Gymnastics

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