Recreational Club Policies


Specific, reference is made on the welcome leaflet to read and adhere to the following Codes of Conduct of the club.  Click on the links below to see the relevant documents, which will appear in a new window. All officials, coaches, members and parents must adhere to these Policies and Codes of Conduct to continue to be a welcomed member of our club.


In line with current guidelines and good practice, the club wishes to resolve all and any concerns/complaints speedily and with the minimum of distress to all participants involved. The purpose of the Minor Grievance/Major Grievance Reporting Policy is to give structure and course of action in the event of a concern/complaint being raised  about a Coach, Official, Volunteer, Gymnast, Parent or Guardian.

Raising a Concern or a Complaint Policy and Procedure – amended 06/03/2015
BG pathway to reporting complaints

In the first instance concerns/complaints should be discussed with the Head Coach/Leader leading the session and/or the Welfare Officer for the resolution by informal means.

Contact us:

Tamsin Jones (Head Coach)            Linda Roberts (Welfare RGC)                                 Tina Hewett (Welfare Officer DGC incorp Llangollen)

                                                               Tina Hewett (Welfare Vice Officer RGC)               Linda Roberts (Welfare Vice Officer DGC incorp Llangollen)

Are you concerned about the Welfare of a child? You do not need to know everything about the child and what is happening, just worried, or feel that everything is not right. Please direct your concern to our designated Welfare Officer of the club who is trained  to follow the guidance outlined BG Safeguarding Children Recognising & responding to abuse and poor practice. Protection.


British Gymnastics (BG) Policies have been adopted for the areas listed below.  Click on the relevant link to view the full BG Policy in Adobe Reader:

This document includes the following policies: